Making Memories: Family Rituals and Traditions

As my children grow older, it is the small family traditions that hold our family-times together, even as our individual schedules grow busier and we spend less and less time together on a weekly basis. Weekly traditions, like bedtime sharing/prayers, Friday or Saturday Pizza/Game night give us precious time to re-connect and have conversations. Seasonal traditions like visiting the Apple Orchard and lighting Advent candles at Church provide fun memories to look back on and events to look forward to.
Every day, every week and every month offer multiple opportunities to reenforce your family’s bond. “Synergize” your family with affection, celebration and confidence!

Day-to-Day Ritual Ideas:

* Daily Devotions

* Prayer time at meals and bed-times

* After-school snack and “question of the day” time

* “Singing” in the car to favorite songs

* Story time before bed

* Bath-time “play”- water crayons, bubbles, add glow-sticks to bathwater and bath with the lights off!

Weekly Traditions:

* Saturday/Sunday morning breakfast in jammies

* Family Pizza and Game Night!

* Rotating Family Chore Chart (create a spinning wheel!)

* Worshiping weekly as a family

Annual/Special Day Rituals:

* Hanging crepe paper and balloons in child’s bedroom doorway on birthdays

* Make or purchase a “I am Special” plate for family members to use during mealtime on extra-special days

* Take a picture of your child in the same spot every year. ie: first day of school or birthday

* Heart-shaped cookies, sandwiches, candies, cards and signs (heart-shaped EVERYTHING) on Valentine’s Day!

* Purchase favorite -flavor of ice-cream or cereal on school report days

* Ring the Salvation Army bell at Christmastime as a family

* Go Shopping and donate the bags of food to the local food shelf once every three months

Visit with friends to discover ways other families build ritual and tradition into their homes.

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